Group work: Community Repositories

This artefact deals with the group work I did for this actual class. The topic dealt with was Community Repositories an interesting area of research on its own but one I have come across in my capstone for the maritime museum which will take up most of summer. Before being assigned this project, I didnt know much about digital repositories in general or community repositories in particular at all. This meant a lot of research was needed in order to be able to teach the topic to my classmates. Seeing firsthand the practical issue involved in collecting, storing, digitising and disseminating makes the subject more real, and sometimes that can be useful when studying. It was an interesting subject to research, and with web 2.0 and current innovations it is set to expand exponentially in the future.

I think everybody in college would agree with me that group work gets a collective groan when its announced at the start of the semester. There are many reasons for this but mainly people prefer to work alone. While saying that everyone also understands the importance of it and its “real world” practicalities. From a personal point of view I feel I work well in groups. I am not disruptive and I get on with the task at hand and will do whatever work is assigned to me. One quip I’ve heard this year is that I am too introverted and tend to take a back seat in the discussion process. There are two reasons for this, firstly this year I have found myself working on subject matter I genuinely have no interest in and secondly but more importantly I like to try and figure people out. This doesn’t always pay off in college because groups are thrown together and the work is all done over a short period of time but it is extremely useful when working with people for prolonged periods. Knowing when to be quiet and when to speak up, knowing when to push on or when to take a step back and let everyone have their own space.

Dealing with different personalities is difficult, it pains me sometimes when others go about a task in a fashion I would describe as anarchy. I have had some horror stories this year with people. This particular project however I was blessed. I have worked with two of the group before so knew exactly how it was going to work and I couldn’t laud enough compliments on the other two. I have an open mind going in to group work though and once you figure people out it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Too often people are worrying about their individual grade being brought down by group work and instantly decide they will take over which doesnt yield the best results at all. I’m glad to say I can see the bigger picture and that while sometimes a grade will be lower thats not the real point of the exercise. Its something I know I need a lot more practice on and I do need to voice my opinion more often but I’m never shy from expressing an opinion.


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