Literature Review

The artefact I have chosen is my Literature Review I did in my research methods class on the topic of Leadership in Organisations & How it Impacts on Employee Performance. I had struggled for quite some time in selecting a topic that I thought was both interesting and would also fit a lit review so it is somewhat hard to backtrack and figure out where exactly I got this idea. It has aspects I had touched upon in different classes and its an area I wanted to understand further. The point of the assessment was to demonstrate an abiltiy to identify and assess the work already done on the topic.

Its a topic I probably first discovered in secondary school in business class and before starting the project I still maintained the same mindset that it was a very black and white topic. In my old business books it clearly separates managers into three separate styles (authentic, directive and transactional) and everyone adheres to one. What I found, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise was this isn’t the case. Managers tend to have a blend of all three and it depends on the environment that they are in which style will come more to the forefront. Managers in general weigh up their options and try to get the best from their employees by applying whatever methods they think will harness the best results. Of course there are managers who just fall into one of the three categories but that tends to not end well one way or another, whether that’s for an unsuccessful manager/organisation or if its an unhappy working environment and as an extension unhappy employees.

In terms of how this altered my mindset, It gave me a fresh perspective on how people act when in a managerial capacity. If I think back to any job I have had or even team I have played on it is interesting to look at from a different perspective. Also moving forward should I find myself in a managerial capacity I would like to believe that I will be far more aware of my environment in terms of how I act. This falls in line in what I have been learning about reflecting on different topics and how they can apply to my past but also what I’m currently doing and hope to do in the future.


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