Portfolio for Digital Media

The second artefact I choose was my Portfolio for Digital Media which I had to create last semester. This incorporated a wide variety of skills some old and some new. It also was my first experience blogging on word press and involved a blog post each week about the new skills I was learning. The main part of this project was to pick a subject topic and go about taking photographs using different aspects such as aperture, depth of field and shutter speed. The theme I went with was domesticity because at the time being new to photography I felt I had the most control over this particular environment. While I don’t plan on being a photographer, what I did take from this was learning a completely new skill and how I went about doing so. This was the really interesting aspect of doing this particular assignment because I could apply this approach to anything that was new to me and there has been a lot this year.

I’m the first to admit I was no expert with the camera and I didn’t want to go out of my depth and take pictures of vivid landscapes because I felt my new found knowledge would get lost and muddled away and I would end up with eight images of essentially the same picture just a different location each time. I was quite pleased overall with how my images turned out and I think they complement each other very well. If I was to be completely honest I would have liked to be more involved with a less controlled environment as there are limitations to staying inside but as I mentioned I think the benefits countered this to deliver my final project.

This really threw me in at the deep end and I had to accept that it was going to be difficult. I am not always going to be in my comfort zone and I am going to have to struggle with certain things especially when there are no short cuts to be taken. It’s not always easy to take yourself out of your comfort zone and sometimes you have to be pushed. There have been since this project a lot of times when I have felt lost and couldn’t see any viable way of getting through projects or different assignments. However after completing projects such as this that I had to get in the right mindset to just keep going. To apply the new skills I have picked up from all areas even when they didn’t seem to complement each other. Everything is a building block and I am continually learning and continuing to improve my skill set and as an individual.


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