Brett L. Simmons Positive Organisational Behaviour

Lead From Anywhere
There is a great message in this piece which is that leadership behaviors should be exhibited from everyone even when they might not have the formal title or position. Leadership is something you never stop learning how to do well, and you should start learning how to lead well before you are ever formally expected to assume that role. This point really stood out to me because its something I have been giving a lot of thought too lately. There are many different types of leader and there are many different ways to lead. Knowing your environment is crucial to how you exhibit your leadership qualities but you should always be striving to do so in some capacity. It can be great to be looked at as a leader and your opinion to be held in high regard but sometimes that is not how a situation unfolds but you must be willing to work with people and get the best results and if you have the know how, you should show how to do so.

Effective Organizational Citizens Help, Then Challenge
With recent experiences I can honestly say I fall foul of what is being said here. If you show up do your job and do what is expected of you there can be no complaints. However if you meet these goals and strive for more by helping others around you, then you can be considered effective. This year has been tough with the amount of work I found at my front door and the temptation in group work is to do what is expected of you and no more. At times thats exactly what I have done, not too be lazy but I had to make a decision what could I feasibly manage, although it never sits well with me. Being aware that I need to strive for more is the first step and there are a few words of advice in this piece along the lines of are you willing to voice your concerns about the direction of the work team or company. Another good point is; Are you willing to risk disapproval in order to express your belief about what’s best for the organization. This is not easy and playing the role of the villain is sometimes necessary as I found out in my group work last year and referred to in my blog post Developing my PLN


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