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The Key to Managing Change
This is a topic that is always relevant no matter who you are or what you do. A qoute I read the other day was the greatest measure of distance is time. Things never stand still and it is up to you to change and adapt with them. Which is easier said then done. It is a constant push to take yourself out of your comfort zone and push on, to take risks that you believe you will move you to the next stage. Constant change is a business reality, and organizations must continually adapt to their environments to stay competitive or risk becoming obsolete.

Everything You Know About Leadership Is Wrong
I couldn’t agree more with this post. It really gets to the roots of what I believe is an issue with leadership. Firstly a leader shouldn’t hold themselves over other works and think because they are in charge that what they say and do is always correct. Secondly I have touched on this before the problem of dealing with people. People working together have personalities that either merge or collide. The collisions can cause tension. If that tension isn’t addressed, it’ll surface in workplace conflict, hurt feelings, and lost productivity. Leaders must adapt to the people they work with and learn how handle different people and groups effectively if they themselves want to achieve their goals


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