Personal Learning Network

This page is designated for where I will collect and collaborate different aspects of my personal learning network. I will be filling this space with different blogs and resources I find interesting as well as blogging about different events that are occurring that are of a personal interest.
The areas of management and leadership interest me greatly. Education can teach you different skills and feed you knowledge but these are areas I feel need to be learned from within, using your own personal experiences to hone and develop them. It is always interesting to read and learn about how other people tackle different issues and how they deal with different circumstances but I think the most important aspect is how you develop yourself as a leader with what you have gleaned from others and the experiences you have had for future endeavours.

Elevator Pitch:

elevator pitch
A short succinct statement whcih summarizes what I do, what I have to offer and what I want to be doing. Click Here!



Link:Michael Hyatt: International Leadership

This is a blog I find extremely useful as it covers a wide range of topics dealing with personal development, leadership and productivity. It is a great resource to dip in and out of when looking for inspiration or guidance when moving forward with different challenges I come across. I have selected a few blog posts that stood out to me. Click Here!

Link:The Management Blog

This is a great place to keep up to date with what some of the big companies of the global environment are doing. It is really interesting to see the thought process that lies behind some of these corporate doors and what they are doing to continue their success. It has something for everyone interested in the business world, finance, economics, technology even small business. It is a wealth of information on one site. Selected blog posts. Click Here!

Link:Brett L. Simmons Positive Organisational Behaviour

It is always interesting to read someone else’s thoughts and experiences. I dont always agree with what I find here but just a different viewpoint is sometimes as important in its own way. Its a good place to delve in to the mindset of someone else and what they think are the important components for a successful organisation. There is a stress on the employees being at the heart of the success of any organisation which I think is a very strong base to build upon. A few blog posts. Click Here!


A list of some of the articles I have come across in my studies and a link to my thoughts on them. These particular articles I have found myself returning to. Some of the themes that run through them are interesting and also some of the ideologies expressed within them stuck in my head even months afterwards.

The interplay between individual and collective knowledge: technologies for organisational learning and knowledge building

Knowledge management as a mechanism for technological and organizational change management in Israeli universities

The interplay between individual and collective knowledge: technologies for organisational learning and knowledge building

Ted Talks

A few TED talks I have listened to and thought were of particular interest. I tried to find ones that I thought were useful but also took a different view on the traditional sense of what it means to be a leader. I’ve provided links to the talks themselves but also my thoughts on them

Drew Dudley: Everyday Leader

Margaret Heffernan: Dare to Disagree


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