This page is designed to give an insight in to some of the work I have been doing over the year. I have tried to pick a range of topics that cover a wide verity of skills. It is important to note these may not be my best work but they definitely showcase the trials and tribulations I have encountered in order to complete the diversity of course work I have encountered. I go in to some detail on each piece in terms of what it took to complete them and also what I learned in the process. There are links provided within the artefacts to the actual work themselves.

Literature Review

lit review
The artefact I have chosen is my Literature Review I did in my research methods class on the topic of Leadership in Organisations & How it Impacts on Employee Performance. I had struggled for quite some time in selecting a topic that I thought was both interesting and would also fit a lit review so it is somewhat hard to backtrack and figure out where exactly I got this idea…Continue Reading

Portfolio for Digitla Media

portfolio 3
The second artefact I choose was my Portfolio for Digital Media which I had to create last semester. This incorporated a wide variety of skills some old and some new. It also was my first experience blogging on word press and involved a blog post each week about the new skills I was learning. The main part of this project was to pick a subject topic and go about taking photographs…Continue Reading

Group Work: Community Repositories

group work
This artefact deals with the group work I did for this actual class. The topic dealt with was Community repositories an interesting area of research on its own but one I have come across in my capstone for the maritime museum which will take up most of summer. Before being assigned this project, I didn’t know much about digital repositories…Continue Reading

Environmental Scan

Environmental Scan2
“Information professionals are designers. We build information systems, services, spaces, and objects that we hope will help users find, use, create, and share information.” Bowler et al. (2011, p.723). It is important to understand a systems users’ information behaviour when designing usable systems. User centred design is one such technique that incorporates the potential user in the design process. One such approach is to incorporate social bookmarking/tagging. The ultimate goal is to have a retrieval system that adapts to user behaviour rather than expecting the user to adapt to the system…Continue Reading


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