Looking Back

Over the course of twelve weeks many topics have been discussed and disembowelled in order to understand them better. I would say now looking back my opinion hasn’t been changed on most topics but the way I think about them has. I think one of the main reasons for this was as each week passed and each week was reflected on I thought about different aspects in terms of what I was doing at the time. I have been working on many different projects and each is completely different to another. This has given me the opportunity `to apply what I’ve learned in a variety of ways. A main topic of interest I have preened over this time has been to understand others and how it is important to work to everyone’s strengths when trying to attain a common goal. There is no point in looking at something and seeing it as merely a problem. It has to be resolved and worked around so the team can keep moving forward. This was certainly applicable to the group situation. To this extent the culture of the group in this case has been extremely important. It is something I wouldn’t have given much consideration before I started reading about it and understanding how it works and how it can be used to benefit everyone involved.
From the outset I’m not entirely sure what I expected to learn, I have done courses before where theories have been the focus and a specific way of doing things in order to achieve results has been the basis for the classes. Obviously a better understanding is always a goal when you start out a class and probably something I have gleaned from the class was just that in relation to thinking alternatively. It is an important theme in my PLN project to really get under the skin of an people and how they see things differently and understand how they operate. It has been of great importance to relate what I have learned here to my own situation. People have to be clear on what is happening so they can buy into and be involved in the process. This will lead to better workflow and concise parameters to work within when trying to achieve certain goals. Which I’m sure everyone can agree on will be important to success, success in terms of end result but also success in developing working relationships. Furthering on to this point would be to learn more which I think will be hugely beneficial and will come with experience in future situations that arise throughout the rest of the year and beyond that.

The class has been different in terms of work to other classes; it hasn’t been overly intense but instead much more thought provoking. It was good to have time to reflect and develop ideas. Sometimes in college it’s just a matter of getting through the work and you don’t actually take much from it. Now that we are coming to the end it has reaped its rewards. It’s an area I am interested in for obvious reasons but it tackles an important issue in my life right now and has even made me think down the line about next year exploring the idea of what I will do. My interest peaked when I was developing my PLN which opened my mind to what other people do and to try and understand their processes of doing things which I touched on in my first paragraph. In terms of how things could have been better, more time to focus on certain topics but that is something that would make me interested in doing more classes where their goal is to focus on more specific areas. The most enjoyable thing about the class has been the building my blog overall. I have done other blogs but not in this portfolio set-up. Its definitely a hub I can come back to and increase it over time. There is still work to do but it will definitely benefit me its complete and I will look back in a positive fashion.


Michael Hyatt: International Leadership Selected Blogs

A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?
I really enjoyed this blog post with the simple message being its not what you know but how you express it. There are people with vast amounts of knowledge on a topic but no knowledge on how to go about sharing that. Man management is a skill I would love to develop as I think it is vital to be successful. The best managers can always get the best results out of whoever is around them. This ties in to my literature review where I discovered some really interesting results concerning the type of leader you are.

The One Thing You Must Do to Achieve Break-Through Results
This blog post resonated with me as it deals with invisible barriers. Quite often people over think and find themselves stuck because what they perceive to be the problem is something they have manufactured in their heads. I have found myself daunted by upcoming presentations where I thought what I had done wasn’t good enough and it was all going to come crumbling down once I stood up to talk,only to receive high praise and realise I had manufactured this self doubt. If you can remove these invisible barriers and actually reassess the situation quite often the task at hand is manageable and you can move forward.

Alternative Career Paths

This week was all about asking the question if not a librarian what else can I be? For me though it’s asking a lot more than just that. It’s asking what am I going to do with my life? That is a terrifyingly daunting question for anyone but for me who is so unsure, it leaves me feeling uneasy.

The first reading this week Varejs, J. (2009) Careers and Education in Library and Information Science left me a bit bemused. While many of my fellow students are taking the M.L.I.S, I am not. I am doing a MSc in Information systems but I take the point of the readings and offering alternative careers. For me the article outlined the weaknesses of the L.I.S course and in particular how poorly it is viewed within the library community. A line that struck was that a lot of jobs are looking for the skills that are taught but they want someone with a different degree. However those skills were passed off as something you either have or you don’t and the fact you are being taught is neither here nor there. It didn’t have a positive spin at all.
The second short piece 61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads basically pointed out that you that there are options outside of working in a library and that you have to look for jobs that may not be advertised to you but are asking for the skills you have. This is all well and good but to tie into the first article, that in order to get these jobs you need to have other qualifications and that librarian’ constantly have to be improving themselves. To me it stank that your degree is worthless and you have to make it better. Well what’s the point in even doing it in the first place then if you are potentially working outside of the librarian field? The fact there was even an article on the matter was off-putting. What other field has to justify themselves?

While I may agree or disagree with the message I got from this topic is irrelevant, it was just the message it sent that sat uneasily with me. From a personnel point of view as I said I’m not actually doing an L.I.S but my degree doesn’t hold much more weight. I couldn’t honestly say what type of job my degree will get me. It’s all a bit of a mix bagged and while people will sit there and tell me, you can do x,y & z I would have to argue against them. I will have to justify myself getting a job more than anyone else coming off a different degree.

Its a question I am not looking ready to answer because I worry if I even can. I don’t know whats next but it is something I cant ignore for much longer.

Mia Breitkopf: 61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads

Varejs, J. (2009) Careers and Education in Library and Information Science